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Our Story: The Evolution of Small World

Blake and Dave attended Western University together and both worked as Residence Advisors. After university, Blake continued working at Western and Dave worked with Apple. They each facilitated Training and Development sessions for the new staff members being hired.  Training and Development quickly became their calling. Combining forces (by meeting up at Montana’s for lunch one day), Blake and Dave dreamed up a presentation for elementary schools that would be positive, entertaining and educational. Both being raised by long-time educators, they were excited to deliver powerful programs to kids.

Blake plays acoustic guitar and Dave is an opera singer, so their first program was called “ACOUSTIC OPERA” and was a fun way to teach kids one tiny and profound concept: “WEIRD=AWESOME.” That program is their in-demand assembly show, and was the foundation for the creation of Small World. Every Small World program positively contributes to the social experience of kids, families and educators.

Small World provides social education for the next generation. Kids are full of power and potential. Small World has been created to harness that power and inspire kids to positively impact peers, worldwide.

Meet the Team

Blake Fleischacker (Co-Founder)

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Blake spent nearly a decade working in university residences and began his professional career as a Residence Manager of one of the country’s largest student buildings. During his university days, Blake lived with over 6000 roommates and in that time he lead groups of students on service learning trips throughout the USA and The Dominican Republic. His front-line work on campus eventually grew into a personal development career creating programs for students, education professionals and families.

Blake has been a featured Tedx speaker, has shared the stage with CBC’s Rick Mercer and is the author of “The Campus Life Guide.” As a musical side project, Blake co-created a social movement known as ‘Train Reaction’, where his band plays music on subways (for free) to brighten people’s day. His work has been featured on City TV, CBC and even the National News. Blake’s family means the world to him, and his partner Emily is the girl he plans to cook Kraft Dinner for over the next 75 years.

Dave Anderson (Co-Founder)

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After graduating from Western with a Music Degree in Voice Performance, Dave spent nearly two and a half years working in sales and training for Apple Inc. In 2010, he decided to ‘go solo’ as an Education Entrepreneur. In addition to his work with Small World, Dave is the Founder of Moving Millennials; an online platform that inspires young professionals to customize their careers to align with their greatest strengths and passions. He is also the Creator and Conductor of A Few Good Men; a boys and mens choir that uses musical collaboration to help young men develop leadership skills, confidence, and emotional intelligence.

Julia Sheldon (Operations Manager)

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Julia has worked with hundreds of young leaders worldwide through her years of volunteer work with CISV, a peace education non-profit. She is a graduate from The University of Ottawa and is currently at uWaterloo working on a post-grad diploma in Sexuality, Marriage & Family. She is a blogger, workshop facilitator, conference-goer, and world traveler. Julia makes sure schools are organized and ready to go for all of Blake and Dave’s Small World speaking tours.